Vancouver SEO for Home Improvement Companies

Two Strategies, One Aim – Organic Search Engine Domination.

Local SEO is done two ways, Google Maps and organic SERPs. A perfectly executed local SEO will put your website twice in Google’s results page — once in Google Maps, once in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization for Home Improvement Contractors

You have a website, and are wondering how that website is doing. You search on your mobile phone for local businesses in your city, and in the results, you see other businesses and their websites.

You want to be up there. Your customers want you to be up there.

Our job?

To make your business stand out in Google Search results.

In many studies and experiments, it has been shown that websites on the first page of Google get most of the attention. In fact, the rank 1 website in Google results pick up 25% of the users, and rank 2 comes in at about 5%.

Anything on the second page onward is clicked on by less than 0.1% of customers.

Why? Because customers feel that the top websites in Google are also the top companies in their industry.

Where do you want to be?

Our SEO Services

Off-page SEO

By link building and brand mentions, we build signals to Google that your website is highly respected, especially in your local community. This will increase your local relevance, and Google will show your business as ‘closer’ to your local customers.

On-page SEO

In addition to writing content backed by keyword research for your target cities in and around Vancouver, we structure your website’s titles and headlines so they are as close to what your customers are looking for when they search online.

Interested in having your website shoot up higher in Google Search results?

Contact us and we'll get you there.

Our Google Maps Listing Service

When people think of digital marketing for local contractors, they often forget just how powerful an effective Google Maps listing is. The map result doesn’t just give extra exposure to the 3 featured businesses – it also pushes everyone else further down the page!

We call those top 3 listings the ‘3 pack’ – and getting your business up there should be a big priority. But every savvy contractor’s aiming for the same target, and many will already have well-developed listings that show their businesses in the best light. That sounds like a big problem – until you consider how few of your competitors have consultants specializing in contractor marketing onboard! 

So, partner with us and we’ll give you the edge needed to claim a place in the 3 pack and start attracting more calls for your business.

1. Create Your Listing

First, we’ll help you create your listing – or, if a listing already exists for your business, we’ll help you claim it as your own. This simple step is vital, as it gives us control of the content, but amazingly, many business owners never get this far.

2. Add Quality Content

Next, we’ll help build your listing with content that adds meaningful value, including well-crafted words that actively sell your service, and photos selected to display the best of your work. And, we won’t forget the basics either – like up-to-date contact details to ensure you’re not missing calls.

3. Optimize for Google

It’s not enough just to create a listing that’s pleasing to human eyes; you need to satisfy the Google bots too. That’s where highly targeted keywords come into play. These terms should match the words that people use to search for your business, and including them boosts the chances of Google displaying your listing.

4. Encourage Genuine Reviews

We understand that nothing builds credibility like a glowing testimonial, so we’ll even look at strategies to encourage customers to review you, quickly and painlessly. No hard sell or pushy tactics needed, just proven techniques that turn happy clients into ambassadors for your business.

Welcome to the 3 Pack!

From start to finish, our focus is laser-like as we aim to get your business into the 3 pack of Google Maps listings. And, once you’re there, we know that you’ll want to take things further – so we can help you get listed in other online directories to achieve maximum exposure right across the web.

Like everything we do, our Google Maps listing service is results based, and our meticulous eye for detail is what wins extra business for our clients. After all, anyone can post a pretty picture, but it takes an expert to perform intensive competitor analysis, keyword research and deep optimization.

That might sound like a lot of work for a Google Maps listing, but get it right and the results can be game changing!

Contact us to start now.