SEO and PPC for Contractors in Langley

The City of Langley is one of the 21 municipalities in the Metro Vancouver Regional District. With a population of 117,285 people recorded in the 2016 census, Langley has become an upcoming and thriving city. This expansion of the city has brought about new opportunities and competition, and you can grow your business by using effective online marketing.

With the population on the rise and increased use of technology within the city, the importance of online advertising has grown significantly. When encountering an issue, your average resident will use a search engine such as google to find the quickest and most simple resolution to their issue. This is where we come in.

With a growing amount of competition within the city of Langley, we can help you gain a competitive edge through online marketing. We focus on two key methods of online marketing. The use of search engine optimization, or SEO for short and the use of pay per click or PPC. 

Our services are designed to ensure your website is visible on Google, and we’ve broken them down into 2 strategies that we can use separately, or together, to achieve that result:

SEO Langley: Steady-Growth Mode 

​So, what exactly is SEO? And how can it help you with your business?

SEO refers to whether or not your webpage will show up on a google search. If your business lacks optimization, then it may appear five pages into a google search. This means that nobody will see your website, resulting in your business losing customers as they are not aware of your services. We can help you change this but strengthening your website with the use of on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO: In basic terms, on-page SEO refers to the keywords that are used on your website. If the keywords you use within your content match the words that people are searching for then your website will show up. However, it can be hard to work out what terms people are searching for… In order to keep that simple, we will do that for you!

Off-Page SEO: This refers to other websites that link to your own site. On a google search, each page that links to your own creates value, with more popular sites creating greater value. Top-ranking websites will have a vast range of links, most of which will have high value. We will work to ensure that your website has links to these sites too so that you can appear higher on a google search.

Both of these methods are slow to build at first, but after some time you will be the highest ranked search on google, meaning that people will click on your website before any others, which will result in more customers in the long term!

Langley PPC for Home Improvement: Pay-to-Play

Are you someone who wants faster results? Then PPC may be more suited for you. Instead of waiting for long-term results, pay per click allows you to skyrocket straight to the top of the google search engine.

So how exactly does PPC work?

First, you’ll need to make a payment to google to become advertised on their search engine. However, you do not pay for your ad to be displayed to anyone on the internet, you only pay once your ad has been clicked on by a potential customer looking for your service. 

However, your ad campaign will need regular assessment and updating. That’s where we come in. We can run your ad campaign for you, ensuring you get your best value for your money, with your ads reaching the right people, people who will soon become your customers!

Ongoing Marketing Support

We will work closely with you throughout this whole process, involving frequent updates on how your advertising campaign is going, as well as being here to answer any questions you may have. It’s time to accelerate your advertising online, contact us today to get started.