HVAC Marketing Plan for 2019 | HVAC Advertising Guide

Are you an HVAC company that wants residential clients? Or do you work on both residential and commercial clients?

Here are 3 different strategies to get you started to get you more online customers that are searching for your services. In this article, we will talk about keywords (SEO), website and Google My Business (GMB), and of course, ads (PPC).

HVAC Search Engine Optimization - Residential and Commercial Keywords

The first thing to remember about Google Search is that Google connects customers to businesses using keywords.

Residential customers search for HVAC businesses using one set of questions in Google, and building managers and commercial customers search for HVAC companies differently on Google. It is important to understand how the searches are done differently.

Take ‘HVAC’ for example. HVAC is a commercial term, and companies deal with building managers. This means you, an HVAC company, will be going through a bidding process to be the designated HVAC company for the building.

Residential HVAC, on the other hand, is quite different. Customers will be looking for a heating contractor, ventilation contractor, or an air conditioning contractor, and not ‘HVAC’. Homeowners will see each of the three separately, as their needs come up.

If you see the mismatch here, you’ve spotted the opportunity. Splitting your general HVAC services page into three — heating, residential ventilation and furnaces, and air conditioning will make your company the go-to business for customers that are searching online.

Website for HVAC Companies - more Cities and Services

As an HVAC company, you provide many specialized services such as heating, vent repair, air conditioning, furnaces, compressors, etc. The average HVAC website only has a few pages — a home page, an about us page, services, and contact us. Some businesses that have been in the industry for longer may even have a testimonials page.

If you are looking to grow your business in the HVAC industry, you may want to consider beefing up your website with pages that cover different services and cities.

Of course, building a page for every city for every service is an endless task. Instead, you can focus on the city and service that you know are in hot demand. There are two main sources of information

  1. Calls, and offline word of mouth
    If you are receiving many phone calls from Burnaby that want their heating units repaired, you know that it’s a ‘hot’ area. 
  2. Online searches
    Some cities search for heating repair services more than others. By seeing what search term volumes are in your Google Search Console, you can determine what people are searching for, how many people are searching, and what the level of competition is.

For example, a potential customer in Burnaby will not search for “HVAC Vancouver”. They will search for “heating repair burnaby” instead.

As a customer, would you prefer seeing a list of cities and services, and trying to see if they serve your city (Burnaby) and your need (heating repair)? Or would you call a business if the website has a page dedicated to heating repair services in Burnaby?

google search result for heating repair burnaby with the first result highlighted

Milani takes the top spot in Google's organic search results with a Burnaby-specific page for heating repair

By building a page for “heating repair Burnaby”, you make your customers in Burnaby feel closer.

In the google search results, so far, there is only one company (Milani) that is doing exactly this strategy — and no surprise, they take #1 in the regular search results. In fact, they even take #2!

Google Maps Categories for Your HVAC Company 

Your Google My Business listing allows you to select service areas and your business category.

categories in google my business for hvac contractors, additional categories are air conditioning contractor, air duct cleaning service

In addition to "HVAC Contractor", you can add categories such as "Air Conditioning Contractor" and "Air duct cleaning service"

Help Google help you. By adding the name of your service area and business category on your page, you are helping Google Maps read your website better. If Google Maps knows your website matches the service area and business category, guess what, you rank higher on the map.

For commercial services, the Google My Business category of HVAC contractor works best.

For residential services, you may add additional Google My Business categories, such as

  • Air conditioning contractor

  • Furnace repair service

  • Heating contractor

  • Air duct cleaning service

...and so on.

Local Service Ads and PPC for HVAC Companies

Local Service Ads are specifically for Vancouver and surrounding cities. Toronto is the only other city in Canada to have these at the moment: there is a new Google advertising space for HVAC contractors, aside from the usual PPC ads.

With this new ad, you can be right at the top of Google search results with the added benefit of having “GOOGLE GUARANTEED” (yes, in all caps) under your business name. Powerful stuff.

local service ads highlighted for search term hvac vancouver

HVAC is one of three pilot Local Service Ads industries that Google has launched in Vancouver

Local Service Ads or Pay-Per-Click for Contractors

You may be wondering how Local Service Ads do in terms of performance. Local Service Ads pick up 13.8% of the customers.

On top of this, if you go with Local Service Ads, you only pay when you get a lead. This means you only pay Google when you get contacted by a potential customer, instead of the usual pay-per-click.

What about PPC? Pay per click is down to 11.1%, still a respectable number. Even with Local Service Ads, there is a lot that can be done with PPC.

  1. Since you are only charged per click, you can use PPC ads to occupy a large amount of territory in the search results page.

  2. Are you targeting specific, niche services? If so, we recommend using landing pages instead of your home page. A landing page is a simple page that has only one goal: to get your customer to contact you, with no other distractions. Combining landing pages and buying Google Ads on specific keywords can get you leads with high close rates for a much cheaper price than any other method.

With pay-to-play becoming more common in Google, as an HVAC contractor, you may want to consider using Local Service Ads, making landing pages for PPC, or both. In a future post, we will discuss what goes into a good landing page.


To conclude, the 3 things you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Different keywords for residential and commercial jobs
  2. Adding city pages and service pages
  3. Local Service Ads