SEO and PPC for Contractors in Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam is one of the 21 municipalities that make up Metro Vancouver. With a population of 140,000 people in the last census, Coquitlam is fast becoming a home to a large number of homeowners. According to Stats Canada, there were almost 20,000 single detached houses, and over 50,000 homes in total for Coquitlam.

With a large number of new residents moving to Coquitlam, and with the increasing use of the internet and mobile phones, online advertising is more relevant than ever. The first thing your average homeowner would do, when they want to call a home improvement contractor, is to search on Google.

This means that exposure in Google for your business by means of SEO in Coquitlam is important for your home improvement business to be seen. Multiple studies have shown that not having your website as high and often in the first page of Google is the equivalent of leaving money on the table.

Our services are designed to ensure your website is visible on Google, and we’ve broken them down into 2 strategies that we can use separately, or together, to achieve that result:

SEO Coquitlam: Steady-Growth Mode 

Our search engine optimization service is designed for Coquitlam contractors who need to start driving highly engaged visitors to their websites.

Effective SEO can get your site to the top of the ‘organic’ search results (the links that appear below the paid ads), and you won’t need to pay Google a cent for appearing there. There are two sides to SEO – known as on-page and off-page SEO, and we cover both:

On-Page SEO: In a nutshell, if the keywords you choose for your content match what people are searching for, then your website shows up. But how do you know which terms people search for? Answer: You don’t have to – just leave it to us!

We also know that not everyone’s a born writer, so we can take care of crafting premier-quality, keyword-rich content to show Google and your visitors that you’re an authority in your sector.

Off-Page SEO: In Google’s eyes, every other website that links to your own is casting a vote for your site, but some links have more value than others. Top-ranking websites have many links, and high-value ones at that — so we’ll make sure your site does too.

Coquitlam PPC for Home Improvement: Pay-to-Play

Tired of playing a long game? SEO delivers lasting benefits, but if you’re looking for results in the here and now, then Pay Per Click is the choice for you. Instead of clamouring to lead the organic search results, PPC allows us to parachute you in right at the top.

So, what’s the catch? You’ll need to pay Google for this privilege, but the PPC model is built around paying for results; you won’t pay simply to have your ad displayed – only when it’s clicked on by someone interested in your service.

But PPC isn’t as simple as just paying your money and waiting for the calls to come in. An effective PPC campaign needs attention to detail, and a keen eye for what can deliver the best bang for your buck. That’s why we’ll focus your PPC campaign on serving ads to local people whose search terms are closely related to your service.

Long-Term Marketing Support

Fire-and-forget strategies don’t cut it when it comes to digital marketing for contractors. Whether we’re enhancing your website’s content for SEO reasons, or managing a targeted, local PPC campaign, we’ll stay with you for the long haul.

In fact, our work gets more intensive the higher you rank, but by this stage you’ll be pulling in far more business as a result of internet searches, so you’ll have the resources to sustain a long-term campaign.

Contact us today to get started.